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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. So I told Sari the story about how I'm reading this book partially because I want to and partially because Elizabeth Gilbert is coming to speak at the college where I work in February. (I'm the writer in the marketing department, it will be my job to prepare news releases and write blog entries, etc. regarding her visit, so reading this book really does constitute research in this case. Another one of the many reasons why I LOVE my job!)

    My co-worker, who loaned me this book, also gave me the happy face sticky notes, one of which I'm using as a book mark as I read this book.

    But I just realized there's more. She gave me three pads of sticky notes that are all on my desk. In addition to the happy faces, she also gave me green apple sticky notes and pink heart sticky notes. And without hesitation, when I went to grab a sticky note to mark my page, I went straight for the happy face. Instead of the apple (Eat) or the heart (Love). Does that mean something? Mmmm, hard to say, but I think maybe it's because right off the bat I knew this book would be (ultimately) happy. Or just because I like happy faces. Or because I'd been looking at Elizabeth Gilbert's Web site and the main color is bright yellow.


  2. I love the stories behind what we're reading! :-)


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